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Hygieia Wellness Centre offers Neuromodulation treatment, a non-surgical procedure whereby a small amount of botulinum is administered into selected facial muscles by a trained medical professional using a very fine needle. Neuromodulators are the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. They work to smooth wrinkles and expression lines. Commonly used to provide subtle, non-invasive nips and tucks that can make huge improvements to our appearance in the following areas:


None of these treatments is permanent. Neurotoxins get metabolized by the body after 3 months. You will require re-treatment of neurotoxin every 3-4 months to keep you looking refreshed and wrinkle-free.


You can book with Cosmetic Physician Dr Wikus Venter. All of our injectors on our team are artistic, skilful and highly trained.


Patients see results within 3-14 days.


Book a consultation with us to learn which treatments are right for you. You will be assessed, and we will develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

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