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Natural looking, soft and full lips achieved with little to no downtime. Dermal fillers are a nonsurgical, nonpermanent treatment to enhance lip shape and volume, reduce fine lines, define the lip contour and balance disproportionate lips. Your lips may be naturally thin or showing signs of thinning or wrinkles due to aging. A lip enhancement (lip augmentation) treatment gives you the full, shapely and beautiful lips you’ve always wanted.

  • A more defined Cupid’s Bow can be created at the peak of the lip

  • It is a safe treatment option that is entirely reversible if needed

  • Vertical lip lines can be softened

  • The corners of the mouth can be lifted up from a drooped and sad posture

  • Marionette lines coming down from the corners of the lip can be improved by minimizing hollows and shadows

Contact us for a customized treatment plans to create natural results ranging from subtle rejuvenation to noticeable volume.*

lip augmentation enhancement

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